Who is the founder of One Hope Ministries (OHM)?

John and Judy Prim from Schaumburg, IL are the founders of OHM. During the years they served as directors of a girl's orphanage and the following years leading mission teams they saw the hopelessness and injustices facing the young women of Guatemala. 


How is OHM funded?

The ministry is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization, which is funded by individual and church donations.


Is it a Christian based residential program?

Yes, by providing not only an educational scholarship but a residential program we have opportunity to introduce the girls to the Lord Jesus Christ, and disciple them.


What is the ministries main focus?

We believe that an education combined with a life skills program and a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, will empower girls to improve the quality of their lives as well as the lives of their families, villages, and future children, breaking the cycle of poverty.


Do the girls at OHM have parents?

Yes, all of the girls have parents. The parents are poor and are not able to provide further education past 6th grade for their daughters. Families are barely making enough money to support their children with food, clothing, and shelter.  


What age are the girls at OHM?

Presently the girls are between the ages of 12-21. We receive girls into the program when they are ready to begin Jr. High. Some of them are 12 years old and some are as old as 14 when they begin Jr. High.   


How long does a girl stay in the ministry?

Each girl receives a one-year scholarship to live at OHM, attend school, and receive Biblical and life-skill teaching. She will be evaluated on her adjustment to the program as well as her grades on a yearly basis to see if she has earned the scholarship again for the following school year. She can continue in the program until she completes University.


What happens after a girl is done with her education?

A girl will leave the ministry when she completes her career. She will be prepared to begin working in her field of education. We encourage her to work while she attends the University on the weekends and save her earnings while she is still in the ministry.


What kind of education do the girls get? 

The girls attend moderately priced private schools where they benefit from a more structured environment, smaller class size, and a higher quality education.