History of One Hope Ministries

The ministry began as a vision of John and Judy Prim to help young girls and women in Guatemala. They had worked as directors of a Girls Home in San Lucas in the 90’s for 3 years. The plight of girls and young women in Guatemala remained on their hearts when they returned to the States. After the dreadful death of one of the young women from the Girls Home, our Lord brought the burden back to them. Weighing heavily on their hearts, they began the paper work to create a non-for profit in the U.S. They also set up a board or directors to assist in the ministry fundraising.  Once all was completed and in order in the States, they followed up with the necessary paper work in Guatemala to create a tax-exempt organization there as well.

The doors of One Hope Ministries officially opened in Antigua, Guatemala on July 17, 2008. During 2008-2010, the ministry served as a transitional program for young women ages 18-23 who were leaving orphanages. Between 6-10, young women took part in the program each year. Those who were in the residential program a longer period were enrolled in private schools. The program included Christian teachings and life skills needed to assist them in beginning an independent life.

John and Judy Prim, Ministry Founders

As these young women transitioned out of the ministry, our Lord brought to John and Judy Prim’s attention the great need for higher education for rural girls graduating from 6th grade without opportunities to continue their education. Many of these young girls are caught in the cycle of poverty.

After receiving 48 applications in just 3 days from the 3 participating schools near Chimaltenango, they proceeded with the selection process which included: communication with the 6th grade teacher, individual interviews with the applicant and her parents, a home visit and a trial week in the ministry. With each step, applicants were evaluated and those without enough interest in education were eliminated. Twelve girls were selected to begin in the program. This modification of the program actually took place in January of 2011 as the school year began.

A residential program for these girls allows opportunity to lead them to a relationship with our Lord and disciple them as well as providing the private education, Christian teachings and life skills. Allowing them to practice what they are taught and develop good, healthy habits.

From 2011-2017 the residential program maintained between 7-12 girls a year. The ministry has discipled and assisted 17 girls get an education. This includes: 4 girls - 1 year, 5 girls - 2 years, 3 girls - 3 years, 2 girls - 4 years, 1 girl - 6 years, and 2 girls - 7 years (includes University)


There were girls who started the program and left before the year was over because they missed their family or their family needed their help at home. There were also girls who participated in the program for years and ended up leaving for these same reasons. Others did not qualify for the scholarship for continuing in the ministry another year, because of their grades or because they had boyfriends.

In 2017 two young women will graduate from the university. They have both been working for 3 years as elementary teachers. One young woman will graduate from her career as an accountant. While two others graduate from Jr. High and 2 complete their second year in Jr. High.