In 2000, of every ten girls and boys enrolled in the first grade in rural areas, only three finished the third grade and two finished primary school.


  • For families who live in poverty, buying school supplies such as notebooks and pencils can be a great expense. 

  • Many parents take a daughter out of school after she has learned to read and write, believing she has enough skills to get by in life. 

  • Many believe their daughter will be pregnant at a young age and be supported by a man.

  • Some families need her at home. She may have to wash clothes, carry firewood or water, make tortillas, or even work in the field.


By building adolescent girls’ understanding of who God is and their relationship to Him, and through His power they are able to accomplish all that He has called them to do. On this basis they can lay a solid foundation on which to build their lives.


Benefits of educating girls


1. Improve family health.

2. Give their children better nutrition.

3. Reduce child mortality.

4. Increase life expectancy.

5. Improve the standard of living.

6. Acquire skills that lead to work opportunities.

7. Increase family, community and national productivity.