Residential Program


Our program offers a home atmosphere, where the girls can feel safe under the care of a supportive staff. They are given behavioral guidelines, encouraged to use their gifts, realize their abilities, and achieve a sense of purpose and self worth.


We recognize that a girl's capability to learn has much to do with her health and social well-being. Therefore, the program provides healthy food, clothing, personal items and medical/dental care that their families could not provide. The resident can put into practice the life skills she is learning. Our program is a key element in the process of helping her break the cycle of generational poverty.


Most importantly there is a spiritual component to our program intended to introduce girls to Jesus and give them a Christian foundation on which to build their futures.  

Resident Selection


Candidates for One Hope Ministries’ residential program are identified as destitute and needy through a teacher in their local school. We are currently working with only 2 schools. The need is great and the number of applications is overwhelming. Once openings are announced, applications are accepted the next day only. Each candidate and her parents are interviewed before we visit their home. The applicants are narrowed down and a few will spend a trial week at the home. 


Each girl receives a one-year scholarship to live in the residential home, attend a private school, and receive Biblical and life-skill teaching. She will be evaluated on her adjustment to the program as well as her grades on a yearly basis to see if she has earned the scholarship again for the following school year.


Parent Involvement


The parents are involved from the onset of the scholarship process. They are interviewed, and are required to complete a number of forms. The interest and support of the parents is another key to the success of each resident. During the interview we explain how the ministry desires to partner with them in order to give their daughter the opportunity for an education that they normally would not be able to provide.


Family Visits: Families provide a sense of belonging, and connection that no other group can match. Therefore, families are encouraged to visit the girls at One Hope Ministries one Sunday afternoon every month. Holy week, mid-year, and summer vacations are also spent with their families.